Promoting a legacy through design

Léonard Philippe-Perron
4 min readApr 28, 2021


During our second week at Ironhack’s UX/UI bootcamp our project was to develop an e-commerce shop for a small local business. As a team of four students from varying backgrounds, we would go from stakeholder interview and business analysis to iterating mid-fi wireframes based on usability testing.

We started off with an idea to work with a specific buisness, but when they did not respond to our enquieries, we had to scramble to find a solution.

Thankfully we did so in an interesting manner, we decided to developp an E-commerce website for a portugese winery called Quinta Das Bageiras. After a series of interview with various stakeholders, from the producers themselves, the distributors, the sellers and finally the consumers. We had a good idea of the buisness model the wine producer’s operated under.

The area we could have spent more time on would have been the customer interviews and surveys. But regardless, our survets and interviews gave us a good insight inot the buying habits of regular wine drinkers. Additionnaly, we wanted to see if a potential customer could be interested in learning more about the winery the wine is from.

After lenghty interviews with the family that owned the winery, we realized that the family was not interested in the increased revenue and sales, they were foremost a family buisness that had a long history into making wine.

Therefore it was established that the website would focus on the history and legacy of the winery instead of it’s e commerce buissness. This caused some issues with out buissness analysis and competitive analysis as they were rather unique in the market. Making comparaisons harder.

Despite that, the data we had collected showcased a clear oppotunity to teach the wine drinker into the history of the winery and about the wine. Since 82,6% of users would like to learn more about the specificities of the wine and 95.7% would like to learn about possible tasting recommendation.

Based on that data we created two personas, one who is an experienced wine drinkers and is always wanting to learn more about wines. And the other, Trevor a 42 years old who is trying to get into wine but does not know where to start or where to learn more:

An early draft of the site map was created:

Which led us to produce this lo-fi prototype, as you can see there are alot of different pages. This is because we got lost in the making, we widen our scope a tad too much. The lo-fi was entirely prototyped and put up on maze:

We saw that some screens had clear limitations, as some of the screens did not have any buttons to go back. Once that was ironed out we moved on to our mid-fi/hi-fi produced on Adobe XD.

Here is a gif of the mid-fi’s navigation.

The full version here:

Key learnings:

This project was challenging, not only were we working with real clients, we were also using a tool we had never previoulsy used Adobe XD.

Regardless I am happy with how the work turned out, shoutout to Nuno and Aliz (my teamates)

The biggest issue we had with this project was the scope, since we didn’t focus on a e commerce solution, we felt the need to compenstate with an events page and more.

Which was not something that was really part of our research, thankfully we removed it after the lo-fi.



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